Meet The Team


Programme Manager for Educational Partnerships

My role at Making The Leap is to facilitate and deliver the Aspirational Educational programmes as part of the educational team as well as create, maintain and develop relationships with educational and corporate partners.

A challenge that I feel young people are currently facing is that there is so much information at their fingertips that they can often become overwhelmed at the prospect of making a precise informed decision while often feeling that they need to have every element of life figured out before they reach adulthood. Through the often fast paced nature of the lives they live I encourage young people to seek assistance from those happy to help to ensure they are on the right path as it is better to go in the right direction slowly than it is to go the wrong way at 100mph.

An interesting fact about me...

I am an avid fan of all forms of martial arts, I train and often compete in MMA and Muay Thai. I also LOVE Jaffa Cakes.