Meet The Team


Progression Coach

I am a new addition to Making The Leap and work as a Progression Coach. I help to deliver and support the ACE workshop which assists in helping young people develop the skills we know they already possess. After 15 years working within education, I know the importance, impact, and difference that charities such as MTL make to the younger generation, and I am delighted to now be part of a team that helps to raise the aspirations of those who complete the programme.

I did not take the conventional route of education and opted to work straight after leaving school. Partly due to lack of guidance but also to ease financial burden on my mum. After various jobs within schools, I was successfully appointed as a Head of Year and have since strived to ensure that every student who crosses my path is equipped with knowledge and makes better choices. I look forward to motivating and inspiring our future leaders!

An interesting fact about me...

I can play the trumpet (well I could at school, it has been a while) and I am a fully qualified Hairdresser!