Meet The Team


Head of Educational Partnerships

My role is to contact secondary schools throughout London to inform them of our Aspirational Character Education programmes. I also assist with delivering our programmes to schoolchildren. I started Making The Leap in April 1995! After over twenty years’ service I have congratulated thousands, but I must admit that Louis Dempsey Mason’s story brought a tear to my eye. Before I started at Making The Leap, I spent almost two years travelling the world. I had everything stolen in Auckland, New Zealand, and that experience forced me to work my way back home via Australasia.

I found work producing language tapes in Vietnam and I picked fruit (the position that challenged me the most because I am not a morning person!), worked as a Gym Assistant, Chambermaid, Barmaid and Kitchen Porter. All these experiences made me challenge my own negative perceptions of doing ‘menial work’ and it has given me a healthy respect for those that do these important jobs for a living.

I encourage young people to believe that every job is important and it is important to do the job that you have well, even if it’s not what you want. It is not about just being a success but we should also strive to be of value.

An interesting fact about me...

My mum named me after the Irish Midwife who delivered me!