Meet The Team


Digital Communications Officer

I am a Digital Communications Officer at Making The Leap, and my role is primarily to develop social media strategies in order to create communication and engagement with our audiences and to raise awareness of our organisation.

I first came to Making The Leap for work experience in February 2019. Whilst here I was amazed by the breadth of development work conducted by Making The Leap for every one of their ‘clients’. I helped lead a focus group of several year 12s, and witnessed the valuable role that social media plays in the success of the organisation. Although my work experience was over a very short period, it was enough to easily demonstrate how young people were positively impacted and their aspirations amplified through the hugely successful programmes at Making The Leap.

An interesting fact about me...
I love animals, I used to work part-time at a rescue kennels and whilst growing up I had 30+ pets – not all at the same time though!