Meet The Team


Head of Engagement

My role involves me providing information, advice and guidance to the young people we serve, as well as connecting them to career opportunities London wide. I joined Making The Leap in October 2004 and thoroughly enjoy it 🙂 One of my favourite success stories was when a young man named Nkem secured a position with a top professional services company. He showed that hard work and determination really pays off. From my experience I feel one of the biggest challenges for the young adults we serve is having a real understanding of the application and interview processes, knowing what it is employers are really looking for.

As a young man, I didn’t know enough about the different career paths that were available and open to me, It would have been great to have access to a service that could tailor its provision to support me. I am now very keen to connect young people to opportunities that will assist with their development may that be career jobs or educational courses. I think that it is really important that those who come from a not so privileged background receive the support and advice needed for them to access opportunities that will allow them to become more socially mobile.

An interesting fact about me...
In 2011 I ran 10:60 in the 100m at the Colchester Garrison.