Meet The Team


Training Assistant/Receptionist

At Making The Leap I am a Training Assistant/Receptionist. My role involves being the first point of contact for visitors in person and over the phone – and making them feel welcomed, updating computer records, providing administrative support and being part of the team to help run MTL.

Due to my background and studying a degree in Criminology and Sociology, I have always had an interest in understanding people and society-particularly in regard to social justice and gaining further insight on the socio-economic challenges people face. In my opinion some of the biggest challenges for young people in 2023 are the limited community social spaces for leisure, the stereo-typed media portrayals of young people today and navigating the job market.

An interesting fact about me...

An interesting fact about myself is that I am drawn to anything creative and am very passionate about learning about the fashion and beauty industry. As a result, I am currently taking online courses in Fashion & Sustainability and Make-up Artistry.