Meet The Team


Digital Communications Officer

As a Digital Communications Officer, it is my role to manage communication and drive engagement with our young people audience, on all social media platforms.

Having experienced the workshop myself, it is unbelievably rewarding being on the other side to encourage other young people in their endeavour to a fulfilling career. The workshop helped me with my confidence, soft and hard skills, and a great number of other things, especially the ability to understand how to carry myself in a professional setting and navigating professional networking. My experience at MTL as a Fellow, from working with fellow alumni members on a scholarship programme to taking part in the corporate day, has been incredible so far. I look forward to playing my part in providing support to young people in their journey to success.

An interesting fact about me...
I love to travel and read; so much so that for 2020 I amended my resolution from visiting 4 new countries to reading 1 book from every country (or as many as I can find from around the globe).😊