Meet The Team


Senior Engagement Lead

As a Senior Engagement Lead at Making The Leap, my job is to support, engage and interact with young people across London, while maintaining industry contacts. As part of the Engagement Team, our role is to show that help is easily accessible to those who want/need it. Knowing that there is support in place is a comfort for young people in itself. Being part of an organisation that acknowledges and focuses on social mobility is an integral part of society.

After experiencing the Workshop myself, I am happy to be a beneficiary of the organisation and to be able to support more young people. Before starting the programme, I didn’t realise the help I needed. I learnt a great deal and it’s amazing to now be part of the team and give back.

While looking for work, a challenge we are faced with too often is being told that we need a vast amount of work experience to get a certain role – but how can you get that job if no one is willing to help you gain that experience? Another difficulty people are faced with is not knowing which career path to take after leaving school or graduating university. Both examples are a cycle that, all too often, we see young people get stuck in. Having a supporting network around you can be the first step to gaining the next qualifications, skills and career goals, and is crucial for overall growth.

We are here to support and encourage positive changes to people’s lives. Allowing yourself to expand your knowledge, develop skills and break down barriers while finding your career aspirations in a progressive environment.

An interesting fact about me...
I grew up in the Middle-East and before moving to England, we rescued a stray kitten who needed medical attention. When we decided to move back to England, we brought her with us and she is now 14 years old and is very much a loved member of our family!