Why is your professional brand important when job searching?

You might be wondering, what is my professional brand? It’s the impression that people form of you based on what they know about you through your CVs, cover letters, social media profiles, and other materials you use to communicate with them professionally. While having some commonalities with your personal brand, your professional brand goes beyond defining you as an individual; it also establishes how others perceive your skills and expertise in relation to their needs. This makes it one of the most important assets you can develop during your career development. Here are some tips to help you develop your own professional brand whilst job searching.

More and more job seekers are realising that how you present yourself online has become an extension of who you are as a person. This is why creating a professional brand for yourself, whether you’re searching for your first job or want to make a career change, is now more important than ever. In essence, it could be the very thing that sets you apart from the competition, allowing employers to see your unique skills and qualities.

So where do you start?

  1. Define your profile – what job/industry are you going after?
  2. Create a LinkedIn profile – it’s the leading professional networking platform and is a great place to establish your professional brand

#Tip – look at some industry leaders’ LinkedIn profiles and see what they look like

  1. Audit your other social media profiles – are there things you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see? Should you update your privacy settings?

Want more advice on creating your professional brand? Our ACE programme can help you do just that and more! We can help you get tips on your profile from the corporate professionals we work with, and help you access opportunities in your chosen field of work. Here’s how to register.

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