Meet The Team



Senior Impact and Evaluation Officer

I joined Making The Leap in September 2023 as the Senior Evaluation and Impact Officer. Prior to this, I worked within the education sector managing and teaching Social Sciences alongside holding pastoral roles supporting young people. My background in Sociology and International Education has inspired me to continue supporting young peoples’ hurdles during their education and beyond. I feel deeply honoured to be a member of Making The Leap and contribute to the continuous growth by evaluating our meaningful, life-changing work.

Social progress relies on societal awareness to inform social change and create wider opportunities. I am enthusiastic that research is a centric aspect of this. I have conducted quantitative and qualitative research to study areas within education, global citizenship, and social inequalities.

An interesting fact about me...

Personally, I value lifelong learning. I am investing in my skill set by learning an additional language, French. Currently, I am at B1 level and intend to continue until I am bilingual.