Still At School

Making The Leap has a number of excellent interventions for school children. These range from educational courses preparing children for work experience, to programmes targeted at boosting a child’s motivation and performance. Delivered by a team of expert staff and highly-trained & committed volunteers, our tailored sessions expose pupils to the soft skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to succeed in – and beyond – school.

We are also highly experienced at running successful one-off events in schools, including Mock Interview Days, University or Career Fairs, or bespoke events which aim to raise children’s aspirations. In 2019, we delivered to 12,146 school pupils: over 3,000 more than in 2018 and with that figure set to increase again in 2020. Our feedback from pupils and teachers attests to the significant value our programmes have on each individual child.

Pupils Say:

“Really opened my eyes about how to get further in life.”


“The tips and advice will last a lifetime. Thank you so much!”


“I really enjoyed being part of this session, plus it was really informative and helpful.”


Teachers Say:

“Making The Leap are so professional and experienced at organising events that support students in preparing for the workplace. They are cheerful and excellent communicators and prepare even very senior staff for the roles they do.”


‘Relevant skills that the students will need going forward.’


“Really good, well informed and engaged all students.”

To find out more about how our programmes could support your school’s aims, please contact:

Betty Campbell