4 Employability Skills


By Saida Mahamed


What are employability skills?

They are a set of attributes that clues employers in to how ’employable’ you are. These skills are also crucial in helping to maintain your career, helping you to further develop professionally. Here are 4 key skills that will help you become more employable:


1. Effective Communication

In the workplace, effective communication is a fundamental skill to have. Effective communication not only includes being able to express your thoughts clearly but also listening to and interpreting what others are saying. This is key to building and developing relationships at work and to working effectively in a team.


2. Interpersonal Skills

Along with communication skills, the ability to build and maintain professional relationships is an important skill set that employers look for when considering candidates. In addition to this, interpersonal skills are also important to have when networking and whilst working.


3. Organisational Skills

Being organised is one of the key skills that employers look for. Your ability to be punctual (time management), prioritise tasks, and managing multiple projects help you stand out from the crowd!

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Having great problem-solving skills can help to increase your career opportunities. It let recruiters/employers see that you are competent as a potential candidate. Being able to use reasoning, creativity, and past experiences to solve problems is important in making you employable.

Tip: Use specific examples in interviews when highlighting these skills!

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