My top five tips for interview success!

By Hassan Motiwala

Fellow and Features Writer



I’m a bit strange; you might have figured that out already. I actually look forward to interviews because they’re a chance to let my personality shine. I know, weird right?

Few people actually enjoy being interviewed. I still get nervous but I’ve learned to overcome the nerves and use them to motivate me. Try using these tips to help you become more confident and comfortable during interviews.


1. First impressions matter

From the moment you step into the building you need to imagine that the interview has started. Greet staff politely, offer firm handshakes and say thank you when offered a seat.


2. Dress smart

Most interviews will ask you to wear smart clothing (Suit, shirt, tie, shoes etc.). Make sure you’re dressed to impress because when you look good, you’ll feel good too. It’s better to be over dressed than under.


3. Why so serious?

Maintain eye contact and smile throughout the interview. No awkward staring or Joker smiles, keep it natural 🙂 


4. Don’t B negative, B positive

At no point should you discuss anything negative. If asked about previous employers, keep it positive. Asked for a weakness? Keep it positive by showing how you’re overcoming that weakness.


5. Be inquisitive

Interviewers will usually offer you the chance to ask questions before the end. Use this to show more of your interests and enthusiasm for the role/company. Eg. “I’m quite a numbers person and saw you earned £xxx last year. Which department contributed most to this?”. Asking questions is just as important as answering them.

As a bonus tip, remember that your interviewers are just people. Take your time, prepare well in advance and remember, you wouldn’t be invited if they weren’t interested in you. You’ve got this!



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