Six Top Tips to Virtual Interviews


By Saida Mahamed


Virtual Interviews are a great tool that more and more employers are utilising today. They can be used to conducted the entire interview or can sometimes act as a first-stage screening. Whatever your reasons you may be looking for ways to prepare for an online interview, so we have given you 6 tips to use to take on virtual interviews and ace them.


1. Research 🔎

Do your research on the organisation/company that is interviewing you. Study the job description, remember who are they asking for and what are the unique skills you are bringing to this role. Lastly, determine whether this will be a live interview or whether it is an interview where you record yourself. The difference is that in a live interview you’ll be talking to an interviewer in real-time, as opposed to a recorded format where you’ll be prompted with questions and asked to record your answers.


2. Prepare 💡

Being prepared is already crucial for acing a job interview, but virtual interviews have some challenges to them. Namely technical difficulties, such as poor wifi connection, a device without a working webcam, and audio/microphone difficulties, etc. So make sure you are anticipating any obstacles to a virtual interview. Check your device(s) ahead of interview time and ensure that they are all working. Make sure to check these more than once, you never know what may happen. 


3. Location, Location, Location 📍

Unfortunately with virtual interviews, employers get a literal insight into what our bedroom looks like. That poster of your favourite band might be a great conversation starter, but perhaps that conversation is for another time.

Ensure that you won’t be interrupted and that the space you are in is well lit with nothing inappropriate in the background. Pick a neutral backing (a plain wall is recommended). If you do, however, opt to use a virtual background do be sure it is not busy or distracting to ensure absolutely nothing impacts your interview negatively.


4. Dress For The Job You Want! 👔

Much like a face-to-face interview dressing appropriately is KEY! This not only makes you look job-ready, but it puts you in an interview mindset which will help your confidence! Make sure you are comfortable and are wearing your best smiles!


5. Body Language 😀

Make sure that your posture is fantastic – no slouching! Don’t fidget, take a deep breath before commencing with the interview and remember to speak clearly and loudly (but not too loud) so that you can be understood and heard.


6. Practice Makes Perfect! 🔄

In the days leading up to (and of course on the day of) the interview, practice by recording yourself using prepared examples (anticipate some questions you may be asked – use your research of the organisation) that will showcase the unique skills you will bring to the role. In addition to this prepare some questions you have for the organisation. E.g. “Are there opportunities for professional development?  If so, what do those look like?”


* When done with the interview, send a follow up thank you email to the interviewer. This will help cement the great impression you made on the interviewer.

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