Work, Meet Life; Now Balance


By Saida


Welcome back! We’ve got another segment of job hacks to share with you all.

Over the years, I have found it to be hard to find the fine line of balance between work and life – and the older and more independent I become, I find myself scrambling to get deadlines in and juggle my meal plan for the week. I’m sure I’ve been on the edge of it a few times, but burnout is real – and not peachy at all!

My question is, how can we have it all?

Much like everything in life, finding that happy medium is the greatest feeling, and developing a healthy work-life balance is the aim. Essentially, a work-life balance is the amount of focus you put into both life (be that social, exercise, housework, family, etc.) and work respectively. Like I said it is important to find a healthy balance, for you and your well-being (personal & professional), but what does an unhealthy one look like?

With it being National Work Life Week from Monday 11th October to Friday 15th October, I thought I’d share 5 tips to maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

– Don’t stretch yourself too thin – Ever heard of the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”? You’ll not only be more productive when focusing on one task at a time, but your overall well-being will improve.

– Create boundaries between work things and non-work things – and like the point above focus on one thing at a time!

– Set time aside for yourself – I like to use calendar blocking to help me figure out what day is going to be like – I even schedule coffee breaks.

– Be realistic – Being stubborn and absolutely sticking to the ‘plan’ isn’t going to help you here, you need to be realistic and open to change as much as possible.

– And most importantly, take a break!

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