I recently graduated with my master’s degree in Filmmaking at Kingston University in January 2020. After graduating, I was applying for jobs, struggling to get through to the interview stage due to the lack of work experience I had.

It was a job role that was posted on the Making The Leap LinkedIn page that prompted me to seek out the ACE Programme.

In February, I decided to begin the 3-week programme. In the beginning, I was very nervous to present in front of people, however, towards the end, my confidence increased. Noticing how I have progressed personally and professionally during this period has been very beneficial for my future. Also, being surrounded by a motivated group of young people, that are also striving to have good careers, made the experience that much more enjoyable. My group and I encouraged and helped each other to succeed, making the journey worthwhile.

Making The Leap organised a digital masterclass, where a head-hunting firm called Hedley May delivered a session on Virtual Interviews. I joined as it was a good chance to gain tips on how to succeed in using this interview format. Those who joined the Masterclass were offered an exclusive one-to-one with a member of staff from the firm to seek advice about your career path. I had a session with a staff member at Hedley May, which also led to a few more sessions, gaining help with applications and structuring my CV. At one stage, the staff member organised for me to try to get some work experience to help build my skills for my CV.

Workshop with RAF

I will always be grateful for getting this opportunity from just joining the masterclass and managing to attain an internship with Hedley May during the difficult period that COVID-19 brought. It made me feel very happy that I was able to get the chance to improve my skills and knowledge in a working environment.

Since July, I’ve been working with the firm and I have now learned a lot about how to professionally work with others. I’ve also developed my admin skills and used my initiative numerous times to carry out tasks that needed to be completed. It is nearing the end of my internship and I would like to apply for more admin roles, to build on my skills, eventually leading to creative positions.

Nicole says this to any young people who might be thinking of joining MTL’s ACE Programme:

“Anyone that is thinking of applying for the MTL workshop, should go for it as you never know which opportunity can lead to a job that can kick-start your career. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to do things out of your comfort zone, as I can assure you, it will be highly beneficial. MTL has opened a door in my career that I am very thankful for, and hopefully, more doors will gradually open with the experience I will have. To those of you that are reading my story, I also hope that joining the MTL programme and using their services will open doors in your careers too.”


Nicole with her cohort on a corporate experience with BNP Paribas.

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