I graduated in Banking and International Finance from City, University of London in 2019. Prior to starting Making the Leap (MTL), I was looking for graduate jobs in the Accounting and Banking sector throughout my final year of university, but never managed to reach or even pass the 2nd stage at most. Even after I finished university in June, I continued to look for graduate positions full time, but still failed to achieve any. I was starting to lose hope and motivation, but, fortunately, I managed to come across MTL in the following January.

I first heard about Making the Leap through my university. I thought the workshop was a great initiative but having been to countless career events at my university, I didn’t really think I would learn anything more than what I already knew. But, boy, was I wrong!

I loved my experience at MTL and it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Throughout my time there, I came out of my comfort zone and undertook personal challenges. The activities involved really bolstered my growth and changed my perspectives on how to tackle applications, cover letters, interviews and many more. I was able to develop on my skills and understanding, by taking on interesting and insightful challenges.

The best moment I experienced at the workshop was that I did not feel alone. I was able to enjoy my time and feel comfortable doing activities with other people who were in a similar situation as me. The more I spent time with my peers, the more I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt at ease. Everyone was very supportive and friendly, and I really loved spending time with them. My peers honestly made my experience. We were able to grow as individuals together.

The workshop has definitely exceeded my expectations and I feel that it has met my intentions as well as many more, I couldn’t be more grateful. Everyone working for MTL is amazing, their support and faith in us has been exceptional. I have no words to describe their commitment to us. It’s been a wonderful journey and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.

Making the Leap has strengthened my confidence and my preparation. It left me feeling more optimistic, stronger and motivated. It has also made me considerably more confident from the mass of exercises and I feel I am more willing to undertake challenges that are out of my comfort zone because I know ultimately it will help me grow. I am always looking for ways to enhance my self-development and MTL has definitely contributed to that tremendously.

For anyone who is considering MTL, definitely take the opportunity. It is worth the time and commitment, and I guarantee you will learn something new and expand on skills you thought you couldn’t. Even just the little things can make a huge difference. I underestimated the impact it can have on my personal growth and career goals. But now, I am recommending it to my friends and family.

I would say my journey to get to where I am now has been a long and tough ride. Before this workshop, I was receiving countless and countless of rejections and was starting to lose motivation. For me, I am someone who is very career-focused and not achieving my ideal graduate position really dampened my dreams. However, since starting MTL, as each day passed, it had continuously had a positive impact on my mindset. After leaving, I continued to maintain that positivity and incorporate what I learnt into real life.

As a result, I have now achieved an Audit Assistant graduate job at RSM. Alongside this, I intend to study for the ACA. I hope to become a qualified Chartered Accountant in the next 3 years, where I can then progress into more senior positions or explore a different sector within my field.

I would just like to thank everyone at MTL for strengthening my personal development and allowing me to achieve my dreams. I will forever cherish everyone here at MTL.

By Sharleen, aged 24


Sharleen and her Workshop cohort on graduation day.

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