My name is Monique, and I graduated with a BA Hons Film Degree at LSBU. I would like to thank Making The Leap for their masterclasses and workshops that were planned throughout lockdown. The Virtual ACE Programme helped me with crucial tips on how to decide the career path and skills that I wanted to gain in my desired job. I am excited to say that I have landed my role as a Production Content Assistant at BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service), I have met experienced, supportive, and helpful individuals. I have learned quite a few skills, for example, sourcing interviews, speaking with different teams, voice-over recordings and editing skills. This is an amazing opportunity, and I am glad I have joined a team in which I can also serve others through my skills.

I appreciated the guest speakers and organisations that helped me explore interview preparation, and the volunteers that gave me practical tips for me to use in the future, I most definitely took this away. I would like to say a special thank you to the volunteers in Franklin Templeton, who carried out a mock interview session and supported me in identifying my strong points, which was the experience I had in my field. This gave me the confidence for applying to the many roles in Production that I was interested in. I thankfully received a position with BFBS and received great support from MTL on this journey. I now have a fashionable wardrobe, making me a great fit for BFBS, and I am proud to be part of a company that informs, educates, and connects military personnel and their families.

Monique and her cohort on the Virtual ACE Programme.

MTL are absolutely amazing at what they do, and I am so thankful for those who I have met and also those that I haven’t. Especially Marlene, who has given me a few invaluable tips that I will NEVER forget:

  • Get to virtual meetings 5 mins earlier as this will make a great first impression
  • The importance of engaging and asking questions
  • Having insight into how your organisation is run


I would like to thank Gareth, Head of Engagement, for the powerful and inspiring conversation we had before I joined the programme. He had some great and positive tips on navigating career choices. And of course, Krupa – who checks in to ensure that I am okay and settling into my role.

My advice to other young creatives like myself is: be fearless, be open-minded and be true to what you want to do. All of this knowledge gained at my course with MTL is what ultimately helped me land my role at BFBS. Using the skills they helped me to build, I was able to confidently apply to my dream job by being myself, transparent, and positive. I have recommended MTL to friends of mine and would definitely do the same to any other young people who are, like I was, looking for a job.


By Monique.

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